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Bill Patterson receiving Heinlein Retro-Hugo

Accepting Robert A. Heinlein's
1951 Retro-Hugo for Farmer In the Sky

Bill will be appearing at...

August 17-21, 2011: Renovation, The 69th World Science Fiction Convention, Reno, Nevada


Nominated for a
Hugo Award
and a
Locus Award

Hugo and Locus Award Nominated...

Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century: Volume 1 (1907-1948): Learning Curve

Release date August 17, 2010

Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) is generally considered the greatest American SF writer of the 20th century. A famous and bestselling author in later life, he started as a Navy man and graduate of Annapolis who was forced to retire because of tuberculosis.

Given his desire for privacy in the later decades of his life, he was both stranger and more interesting than one could ever have known. This is the first of two volumes of a major American biography. This volume is about Robert A. Heinlein's life up to the end of the 1940s and the mid-life crisis that changed him forever.

Bill's Blog:

Ginny and Robert Heinlein
Virginia and Robert Heinlein
Ginny's favorite photo of them together
Photo from The Heinlein Archives
Courtesy of The Heinlein Prize Trust


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