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Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century

Volume 1 (1907-1948): Learning Curve

William H. Patterson, Jr.

This comprehensive biography of Robert A. Heinlein includes a rare opportunity for readers to immediately access the author's original research source materials online at The Heinlein Archives.

The Heinlein Archives, a cooperative project between The Heinlein Prize Trust and the UC Santa Cruz Archives, contains 198,057 pages of documents, manuscripts, letters, and photographs, indexed and searchable, from the archives collections of Robert and Virginia Heinlein. Materials may be downloaded for a nominal fee of approximately one penny per page.

Selected Notes:

We hope to include all the Biography's footnotes crosslinked to The Heinlein Archives source documents. That will be announced on the home page of this site. In the meantime, please enjoy some rarely seen glimpses into Heinlein's private life at the time of Volume 1 of the Biography, with links to explore more in The Heinlein Archives.

Please remember, photos are provided courtesy of The Heinlein Prize Trust/The Heinlein Archives and are copyrighted, not for copying or reuse. As you visit The Heinlein Archives note that all materials, while available to all users, are visually and digitally watermarked with copyright information. Be sure to preview the sample.pdf to see how your documents and photos will appear. For print resolution/publishing permission for Archives materials, please see The Heinlein Archives copyright information.

Heinlein family in KC
The Heinlein Family in Kansas City

from The Heinlein Archives
Family collections

There are a great many historical family photos in the collections, many, unfortunately, with the individuals shown not identified

RAH report card
Yes, Robert saved all his report cards, as well as every little tidbit from his life and lifetime

from The Heinlein Archives
1907-1924, Early Years


RAH to AnnapolisRAH Ensign
Robert kept a great deal of his Annapolis materials, including work assignments very much akin to those in "Space Cadet"

from The Heinlein Archives
Annapolis/Navy collections

Robert and Leslyn wedding
Robert and Leslyn's wedding

photos from The Heinlein Archives
First Album: Scrapbook and Early Photo Album


Robert and Leslyn
Leslyn and Robert, self-taken photo

photos from The Heinlein Archives
First Album: Scrapbook and Early Photo Album

Ginny, Navy officer
Virginia Gerstenfeld (Heinlein), Navy officer

photos from The Heinlein Archives
Lifetime Assortment


Ginny and Robert starting their life together in Colorado

photos from The Heinlein Archives
Photo Album collections

Robert and cat
That the Heinleins were cat people is left in no doubt from the Archives photos!

photos from The Heinlein Archives
Photo Album collections